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Case Study

The Overview

I-maritime is a leading maritime consultancy company and is well known in the shipping industry. It has earned a reputation as a quality provider of data on geography, marine traffic and infrastructure relating to the industry.

I-maritime has a large portal on the shipping industry. Through the portal, the company offers business research, information and data services for ports, logistics and other players in the maritime industry. In short, I-maritime is a `one-stop information advisory stop’ for everything related to the maritime sector.

The Situation

I-maritime had a large collection of data related to the shipping industry and its various players. It needed to be more organized in its approach and create a significant presence as a web portal.

The company needed to present and store its immense repository of data in a user-friendly manner. Also, some data was confidential and so could not be shared with all users. As a result, it needed a facility to allow access only to registered users and subscribers for certain pages.

The client wanted a website that was dynamic, interactive, informative and static at the same time. The features of I-maritime.com had to be partially controlled by admin and partly interactive. The site also had to reflect the brand personality of the company and the fact that it was an industry trendsetter.

With its vast knowledge bank, I-maritime also wanted to target international clientele and provide its services worldwide.

The Challenges

I-maritime already had a simple website that needed to be revised and positioned properly. Some of the problems faced by Puretech were:

  • The earlier website had a lot of content but lacked a proper order. It was unstructured and was put up in patches on the site.
  • The navigation was complex, without any sub-sections. There was no information on archives and it lacked a site map.
  • The content provided on the website was enormous but complicated. It was difficult to search for a particular topic or keyword easily. So rephrasing the tangled content and organizing it was a huge challenge.
  • The ranking of I-maritime.com on search engines was very good, so we had to be careful to ensure that any changes in the site would not disrupt current rankings and instead attract more traffic to the site.
  • It was important that the website user found relevant information in the minimum amount of time.

The Approach & Solution

I-maritime was a unique project as here Puretech had to start from scratch and provide a complete solution. We presented and implemented ideas on design, brand positioning and other technical aspects.

  • After a proper study of I-maritime.com, the first modification made was to cross-link the existing navigation panel. There were too many links on the navigation panel, so the links were clubbed on the main tab. We made the navigation more fluent and user-friendly.
  • Previously, all users used to access the ‘knowledge center’ section of I-maritime. But Puretech Digital suggested that a secure data resource pool be developed. To access this data, users had to register and log in using their username and password.
  • The architecture and design of I-maritime was rearranged and the content rewritten for optimum results. The CMS-driven content delivered by Puretech Digital is partly administered and partly interactive.
  • Puretech Digital provided added benefits in the form of cross-linking, site marketing and brand positioning to ensure better functionality for I-maritime.
  • The research conducted by I-maritime was made accessible to users through online registrations, and publications could also be ordered online.

The Results

I-maritime has attracted more traffic and improved its rankings on search engines after Puretech redeveloped it. The site has enabled round-the-clock access from anywhere in the world so that users can obtain information on potential customers, take decisions or make submissions/ transactions online.

The redeveloped site is informative and dynamic and a one-stop shop for all kinds of information on the maritime sector.