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Our Work
“Puretech’s understanding of the content was excellent, considering the size, complexity and scope of the project. The design team went out of their way to explain what customization was possible or even desirable with the CMS. Ease of navigation has been the biggest boost to the site and to the functioning of the Haas Center”.

Elise Miller, Comm. Director, Haas Center for Public Service, Stanford University, CA, USA

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Our Work in Website Design & Services

Website URL: HCPS-Stanford University
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HCPS-Stanford University
HCPS-Stanford University
HCPS-Stanford University

Case Study

The Situation

The Haas Center for Public Service at Stanford University (HCPS) connects academic study with community and public service. HCPS asked Puretech Digital to create a more engaging and easy-to-manage website. After in-depth background research with target audiences, we evaluated, restructured, and edited the website content, and developed a simple, robust and cost-effective content management system (CMS) for easy long-term management of the site.

The Challenge

The original website was out of date and disappointing to visitors. The home page was crowded and confusing; web navigation was illogical. The new website needed to serve five diverse audiences from students to donors, and to evoke the keywords inspiring, dynamic, and community (as obtained from client survey research). On top of it all, Haas Center staff and students needed an easy-to-use CMS to manage the site cost-effectively.

The Approach & Solution

  • Puretech conducted in-depth background research to understand the current website context, client expectations, target audiences and the areas of service at Haas Center.
  • We discussed a range of recommendations based on research for content refinement, website architecture, user interface design and visual design.
  • We engaged the client in creative decisions to create fresh and appealing visual content using photography, our collection of archival graphics, and art done at Haas Center.
  • We explored and tested the new CMS to meet with HCPS web requirements.
  • Throughout the project, we kept detailed documentation and made regular presentations to the staff and faculty at Haas to keep the client informed and engaged.
  • Prior to final deployment, we executed detailed usability testing on a live server and incorporated user feedback.
  • On launch, we provided an easy-to-use CMS Guidelines Manual for managing and updating the website by non-technical staff and students.

HCPS website now speaks to five distinct target audiences with its fresh, updated look and streamlined navigation. And non-technical staff and students can easily manage upkeep to the site without compromising its complexity, design or brand.