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“Puretech’s understanding of the content was excellent, considering the size, complexity and scope of the project. The design team went out of their way to explain what customization was possible or even desirable with the CMS. Ease of navigation has been the biggest boost to the site and to the functioning of the Haas Center”.

Elise Miller, Comm. Director, Haas Center for Public Service, Stanford University, CA, USA

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Website Design & Services

Strong website design services and website services in India have quickly become a prerequisite. With a team of experienced web designers and skilled developers, Puretech Digital is perfectly positioned to cater to that need. As a web design company based out of India, we hold to the promise of customized content.

We offer the latest website design services in India with tools like Drupal, Adobe Suite, .net, ASPX, jQuery and HTML 5 being employed. Our website services in India help clients pick from options like responsive websites and web apps. We aim to create user-friendly websites that are W3C compliant. With an expansive clientele, Puretech, as a website services company in India, provides website design and services to a variety of markets like India, the UK, the USA and Australia.

We specialize in website maintenance and web application designs and services. Whether you need a responsive website, a mobile website or a static HTML page layout, we have an answer for you. While upholding the high quality of work that is expected of a web design company in India, we ensure that clients find exactly what they need in cost-effective packages

As one of the premier website services companies in India, Puretech offers internationally recognized and approved website design and services. With the latest in expertise and technology, you can depend on Puretech to be the one-stop destination for a web services company in India.

Website Design & Services include:

  • Branding & User Interface Design: We ensure that our client’s online presence remains well rounded with minimum click interface and better navigation and usability.
  • Visual Design: Depending on the requirements of the client, we engineer customizable online appearances that are both appealing and welcoming.
  • Front-end and back-end integration: With the latest web tools and formats like .net, drupal and .php, we work to maintain the complete functioning of your website.
  • Web maintenance and updates: Our teams work round the clock to carefully caretaking our client’s websites and online presence.
  • Portal Services: We aim at offering all sorts of solutions, whether you need to construct an online shopping portal, an e-commerce hub or traditional CRM tools.
  • User Interface design, Services & Integration
    • User Interface design: We ensure that the end user finds an easy experience waiting for him at every step.
    • Visual Design, Icons, Image making: Depending on your needs, we can generate a range of designs and styles to choose from.
    • Web Services & programming: The Internet is a huge sandbox to stand out in, and we ensure that you have all the right tools to get the most amount of attention.

Advantages of our Website Design & Services include:

  • SEO friendly website: We aim to get the most amount of brand visibility for our clients and also ensure increased reach and website traffic.
  • W3C compliant: We ensure that our client’s websites comply with all the regulations put in place by the World Wide Web Consortium.
  • Measurable returns: Puretech, as a web design company in India, ensures that our clients get detailed logs on all the day to day functioning and user-based returns.
  • Cross browser compatibility: Whichever browser the user might use, we ensure that our client’s website functions without any page rendering loss.

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